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Emily to Ellen for CF

Saturday, September 26, 2009

IMG_3733, originally uploaded by Let's Rock CF.

I've written about our friend, Emily, beforeā€”I designed and currently maintain the website for her foundation, Let's Rock CF.  She happens to have cystic fibrosis and has devoted her life to raising money and awareness for a cure. She sets up benefit concerts, runs half-marathons, and for the past three years has ridden her bicycle from Detroit to Chicago to raise money.  Just the fact that she can do these things while having CF is amazing.  She's a pretty inspiring person.

Well, her newest challenge is a cross-country ride from Chicago to Los Angeles where she hopes to appear on the Ellen DeGeneres Show to raise awareness of cystic fibrosis with Ellen's large national audience.  (She started this past Tuesday and I believe she's in Denver now.)  She originally was planning to bicycle there, but due to an injury is bicycling part-time and riding a vespa the rest of the time.  Her trek is being logged via video postings on SPIN Earth, and you can view photos and/or donate on her site page at  We wish her the best of luck on the road, and seriously hope she makes it on the Ellen show!

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