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Photography in Luxury Home Magazine & Visit Detroit Magazine

Thursday, January 20, 2011

Luxury Home Magazine January / February 2001 Issue.

Happy New Year!

Yeah, I just realized that it's literally been about a year since I updated the site.  Yikes!
However, despite the serious neglect to this site in the past year, I really have been tremendously busy...just not on maintaining this site.  I started another business focusing on my graphic design talents, Señor & Señora, and also bought a house and moved.  Just saying that sounds so simple, but for a good part of the year I had seriously become a full-time construction worker with the renovations.  Now, just as my friends and family told me would happen, the renovations are 90% complete and holding.  Apparently there will ALWAYS be that one last thing to finish.  And I always think that I'll somehow have time to finish it this weekend!  Maybe this weekend will be the one...

Visit Detroit Magazine January 2011 Issue.
Anyway, with my design work also taking over my life for a better part of the year, I'm actually feeling very re-energized on the photography front.  Maybe part of it is because I seem to have such enthusiastic photo students this semester at OCC.  When I surveyed them on what their biggest strengths are as photographers, they unanimously declared that it was their passion for photography.  I definitely plan on using that against them in case some lackluster work shows up!

My Advanced Digital class is a lot more involved and so it's exciting to teach.  However, I cram so much in the syllabus it's always a challenge to cover everything I hope to each semester.  Since we only have two digital classes to cover everything photographic and Photoshop-related, the first class is always spent just getting people up to speed with the basics.  This semester should be a lot more fun.

I also had a good time this past weekend jurying the Scholastic Art Awards with Chris Schneider down at CCS.  It was cool to see how much great work is coming out of high school students these days!  While down there, I also caught a glimpse of our class photo in the hallway.  It's crazy how small the group seemed!  I also had to laugh at the really annoyed look on my face.  Ha!

Visit Detroit Magazine January 2011 Issue.
Anyway, on to some real news...
This month I have work published in two magazines: Luxury Home Magazine out of Chicago, and Visit Detroit (local).  The Luxury Home article focuses on my fav architect, Brian Howard, and his work on the Carlson projects: Carlson's Cabana and Carlson's residence.  Both are such unique and amazing spaces, that it's no surprise to see the continued recognition.  You can view the article in full here.

As for Visit Detroit Magazine, they are using two of my shots for little blurbs on Hamtramck happenings, such as the Hamtramck Blowout (featuring a semi-anonymous photo of Wolfbait), and a photo of the Polish dancers from the Countdown to Paczki Day tent event. Fun times that are almost here again!

In both instances, those probably wouldn't have been the photos that I'd pick, but I'm pretty sure they were just trying to use photos of people without exactly revealing their identities.  : )  I probably could've gotten model releases for both, if they had only asked!